Daycare blames toddler for 1-year-old boy’s apparent beating

INDIANAPOLIS — Police are investigating after a 13-month-old boy was badly hurt at a daycare in Indianapolis.

WISH reports that it happened Monday.

Tiffany Griffin said a worker at the daycare called her around 2:30 p.m. saying her son, Jesse’s, face was swollen. When she arrived to pick up her son, he had cuts and a swollen face. She called for police and an ambulance.

The daycare owner said a 2-year-old girl caused the boy’s injuries.

The owner told WISH over the phone that a worker heard a commotion, walked into the room and saw Jesse hurt. She said the worker called the boy’s parents, police and daycare management.

“It shouldn’t have happened whether it was a 2-year-old, it shouldn’t have happened if it was an adult. It shouldn’t have happened if a 2-year-old did it in the care of an adult,” Griffin said. “It was negligence any way it goes. It was child abuse any way it goes. If it was me or him, we would be arrested.”

The daycare released a statement saying in part: “We are deeply saddened by what took place” and “our hearts go out to Jesse and his family.”

Tiffany said her son is usually a happy baby, but not since the incident.

“My son has been crying,” she said. “He hasn’t had no sleep. He’s very uncomfortable, and hopefully we can get him comfortable and back to his good health and back to being the happy baby he is.”

Police are still investigating.

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