Police warn of scam where callers demand money, tell victims their loved ones are in danger

MAYFIELD HEIGHTS, Ohio -- Police in Mayfield Heights are warning the public after residents received disturbing scam calls in which their loved ones were threatened.

According to Mayfield Heights Police Department, a woman received a call Monday afternoon from a man who threatened to kill her husband over an alleged accident.

The man told the woman her husband hit his brother's vehicle and that he was refusing to provide insurance information or to pay for damages, so he was being held hostage.

The woman said the number was blocked, and while she was on the phone with the suspect, she received an email from her husband. Since she then knew it was a scam, she hung up and called police.

Police say the same scam happened to a local teacher, also on Monday.

A teacher at Hawken School received a call saying that her husband was being held hostage. The caller also demanded money.

Anyone who receives similar calls should contact their local police department.