I-Team: Dispatcher caught sleeping on job twice, heard snoring on emergency line

CLEVELAND -- The FOX 8 I-Team has found a Cleveland police dispatcher punished after getting caught sleeping on the job twice in two days, once for 29 minutes.

JaTilya Troupe received a six-day suspension. Records show she pleaded guilty to internal charges.

Last year, the I-Team revealed another Cleveland police dispatcher caught sleeping on the job as well. Jasmine Thomas also got suspended for six days.

In the latest incident, Troupe answers a 911 call. No one responds, and less than 20 seconds later you can hear heavy breathing and eventually snoring. The phone line stayed open for nearly half an hour. Troupe then woke up saying “Hello?” Hello?”

Records show the next day, Troupe fell asleep on an open phone line again. This time a supervisor woke her up saying, “Hey, you're on a call.”

We played some of the audio for citizens like you who depend on dispatchers to be alert for emergencies. One woman reacted with, "Are you serious? That is ridiculous."

The I-Team has reported on the incredible number of calls to Cleveland 911, and problems handling those calls with short-staffing. We asked the chief’s office by email what’s being done to prevent dispatchers sleeping on the job? No response.

Police Union President Jeff Follmer said, no excuse for sleeping on the job. At the same time, he called for more staffing in the dispatch center pointing out workers there are often forced to stay for overtime shifts.

After getting woken up from the five-minute nap, Troupe can be heard telling a supervisor, "My thing not beeping in my ear." He answered, "You were knocked out. So you gotta be careful of that. Have to turn the volume up. Showed you were on a call for 5 minutes. So be aware of it."

Records show no one was on the other end of the line during the two calls when Troupe fell asleep.