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Fans- and local businesses – enjoy the playoff buzz in Cleveland

CLEVELAND—The playoff buzz has come to the city, and it’s exactly what Clevelanders want to see. Right now people are enjoying a booming downtown, popular restaurants, shopping, and winning sports teams.

The Cavs walked away with a victory after seven games of a first-round playoff run and fans were happy to see the Indiana Pacers go.

"Toronto, here we come, baby; Toronto, here we come. We about to break your heart again,” said a person who claims to be Cleveland’s biggest ‘Fan Man’.

"Let's go, let's go. We want those baby dinosaurs; we want those baby dinosaurs. We're coming,” another Cavs fan said.

"It's just relief that we actually pulled it out and we can move on to the second round,” said Jason Reynolds, of Cleveland.

That relief was felt by fans who watched the game, and also people who run local businesses on East 4th.

If the Cavs would have lost on Sunday, one manager at Pickwick & Frolic said it would have affected his business drastically.

“Being the Q is going to be closed for the next couple seasons, we need them to play long as they can because people are going downtown but they need a reason to be down here,” said Marc Hester.

Hester is expecting more big crowds with the upcoming series against Toronto because he knows the Canadian fans travel very well.

"Whenever we win, the city feels it, you know what I mean? People in Toronto travel very well, so when they come down they bring the whole country with them,” he said.

Hester explained the biggest job for business owners is to attract crowds of this magnitude year-round. There are plans in the works to do that, especially when the summer temperatures come around.

"What we're doing, we're trying to bring something to the city where we are going to have like a weekly event here, like when we do an Edgewater live,” Hester said.

"Extending it as long as we can isn't just for the economic part of the city but psychologically it helps the city a lot, because we are coming back; it's a city that's on its way back up,” said Liberty George, of Cleveland.