Slavic Village business owners angered over rash of break-ins

CLEVELAND--Some business owners in Slavic Village are fed up after they say they have been the victims of theft, time and time again.

The victims tell Fox 8 they have lost thousands of dollars and the sense of security is lost.

Sophie Tyl has owned Seven Roses Restaurant on Fleet Avenue for the last fourteen years. She called Cleveland police Saturday morning after realizing about $1,000 worth of food was taken from a freezer overnight.

"Meat stuffed cabbage, pierogies, pastry, even eggs," Tyl said. "Everything is gone, everything from the freezer."

The workers said the food was apparently so good, someone wanted to take it for free.

"We cannot even imagine that this could happen to our place," said employee, Anastasia Halabokada.

There's a cozy feel at the restaurant, the crew specializes in authentic Polish food.

"A lot of people who come here and try food say 'oh it's like my grandma used to make'," Halabokada said.

The business owner told Fox 8's Allison Brown she hopes surveillance video will help police find whoever was responsible for the crime.

Tyl went on to say that she has gotten used to people stealing from her, and she's tired.

"I'm ready to sell the place, move out, I pay so much high tax and everything we are not in a safe place," Tyl said.

Rick Neiditz holds some of the same feelings.

"It's tough," said the owner of the former Green's Hardware Building on Broadway Avenue.

"They keep on breaking into the buildings, stealing things they can scrap, three times this week four times last week probably seven times in a couple of weeks, they keep on getting in they are grinding locks off of our building, they are taking  sawing the locks off, they even put the own locks on our building so we couldn't tell," Neiditz said.

Cleveland police have not said if there have been any arrests.