Video from Cleveland police chase called off

CLEVELAND-- Video from the night a shot was fired at a Cleveland police officer and the chase for the suspect was terminated gives further insight into what happened.

Current officers, retired officer and even private citizens are speaking out and posting all over social media wondering why a chase of suspects would be called off after gunfire at police.

The incident happened a couple of weeks ago along East 100th Street. An officer reported someone in a car fired a shot at him. He started a chase. Then four minutes later, a supervisor called it off.

The video shows the officer who reported the gunfire calling in locations as he follows the car. Other video shows two other cars hurrying to the area to help out.

Then you hear a supervisor say, “You're gonna have to terminate the pursuit. You're not allowing me to get info...terminate the pursuit."

The officer in the lead car in the chase responds with, "Male shot at me. You're telling me to disengage. Is that what you're telling me?”

The FOX 8 I-Team spoke with Cleveland Police Chief Calvin Williams about the incident.

"Well, that’s something we're still looking into. We have a very restrictive pursuit policy," Williams said.

The chief said the chase is being reviewed with a look at the department’s pursuit policy, the decisions of the officers on the streets, and the decision of the boss listening on police radio.

At one point, the supervisor can be heard on the radio saying, "You're out of control. You gotta allow me to monitor the radio."

We asked the chief about the feeling among officers that when somebody shoots at a cop, police should never stop a chase.

"I don't think you can, at any time, say never because there are a lot of things that come into play. But if you fire a shot at a police officer, we're gonna chase you," Williams said.

We pointed out in this case the chase was stopped.

“They stopped it well into the pursuit. And again, we're taking a look at that," he said.

Officers said the car at the heart of the chase chad been used nights earlier to ram a police car.

Finally, the lead officer can be heard saying, "Let's hope no other officer gets shot tonight, that's all."

Less than two days after that incident, Cleveland police reported they had found the car involved, but no one was inside.

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