Victim speaks out after attack outside Cleveland bar

CLEVELAND--Caught on camera.

A man is stomped, kicked and beaten outside a bar in Cleveland’s Warehouse District. Police released the video, hoping someone can help them identify the people who gave the victim permanent injuries.

A bystander recorded video of a 25-year-old Euclid man being kicked and stomped on in a parking lot on West 6th Street in Cleveland at about 1 a.m. on March 11.

"I got a whole plate in my mouth... To me, I feel like I don't even speak the same. I can't open my mouth all the way like I used to. It's uncomfortable," Tommie Ellis said.

Ellis said he was with friends and relatives at the Tequila Ranch bar to celebrate his girlfriend's birthday. By the end of the night, he had a broken jaw when he was beaten in the parking lot.

Weeks later, he still has metal braces attached to his gums and a permanent metal plate in his jaw.

"I had to have my mouth wired for six to eight weeks, but I ended up getting them taken off within four weeks, but I still gotta keep these in my mouth to keep my teeth lined up right," Ellis said.

"There are a lot of people in that crowd, as you can tell there are a lot of people who are not directly involved that were just watching, so that's really who we're targeting at this point... If you know who those people were, any name at this point that would give us a lead, that you would contact our detectives," said Sgt. Jennifer Ciaccia.

Ellis said he does not remember the attack. He said the people he was with tell him the incident started when they were paying tribute to a relative who died last year.

"She was saying 'Rest in peace Tone' and we, they say we all just went on with it and we were screaming. And it was some guys behind us and it was like, 'Who the F is Tone?" My cousin said I said 'What do you mean? hey, that's my cousin, he dead,'" Ellis said.

Ellis said he's been boxing since he was 17. He said doctors told him he can't fight for at least a year, but it's possible he is never be able to fight again.

Anyone with information about the crime should call Cleveland police.