Green residents pose questions about the Nexus pipeline at town hall meeting

GREEN, Ohio--Concerns about a controversial gas pipeline planned to go through parts of Northeast Ohio, brought dozens of people to a town hall meeting Thursday evening.  People who live in the Summit County city of Green asked questions regarding the safety of the pipeline.

"How long does it take to lay the pipe and then how long after that until the gas flows through the pipeline?" is one question read by Green Mayor Gerard Neugebauer.

More than 50 residents submitted handwritten questions to be answered by the mayor and a panel of pipeline experts.  Many have concerns about the Nexus gas pipeline that will be built through parts of town.

City of Green officials say they have spent the past three and a half years fighting the pipeline, asking help from state and federal officials, but eventually they realized there was no way to stop it from going through.

"I understand the pipeline has to go through, somebody has to be by it, but it just happens to be us and my biggest concern is my safety and that of my family," said Green resident Sheri Mozea.

Mozea says she attended the meeting, which was held at the Queen of Heaven Parish Life Center, to find out what would happen if the pipeline experienced a catastrophic failure.

"If you look at the statistics I was showing, even though there are significant incidents happening...on average only two people a year die, so it kind of comes down to 'yes, you live in a bad spot if something happens', but as we showed statistically, the chance of it happening is really, really, really low," said Carl Weimer, Executive Director of Pipeline Safety Trust.

"I'm close to the pipeline and that is a frightening possibility...I understand the statistics and that statistically it's a very small chance, but if it's you, it doesn't matter whether it's .0003, if it's you, it's you," said Mozea.

"It's going across my property and I would like to know all I could about it, but I didn't learn much in there," said resident Bob Geer.

Some residents were concerned about property values, others about the potential for accidents.

"At first, I did have some concerns, but this meeting definitely had a lot of reassurances," said resident Austin Elkins

The Nexus pipeline is expected to be fully operational by October.