‘It’s like a bomb goes off’: What is causing mysterious loud booms in Girard?

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GIRARD, Ohio -- There are some jangled nerves in the City of Girard in Trumbull County as a series of mysterious loud booms are rattling residents and their homes.

Some residents believe the booms are caused by gas explosions at a near car shredding company; however, others believe the booms are the result of underground explosions.

"It's like a bomb, like a bomb goes off and the vibration of your house, it's crazy and it's very scary," said Mary Lou Hughes, Girard resident.

Some residents say the explosions are so powerful they've actually caused cracks in the foundations of their homes.

Residents have taken their concerns to city hall. Mayor Jim Melfi says they have been unable to identify the source of the explosion but theories include a build-up of gas from an old landfill or an underground disturbance caused by a now closed waste water injection once used in the fracking industry.

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