Who’s to blame for the hazardous chemical spill that shut down I-480 for hours?

CLEVELAND, Ohio -- If you were one of the thousands of drivers affected by a hazardous chemical spill that shut down I-480 in Cleveland on Thursday, you might be interested in the investigation by the Ohio State Highway  Patrol into who's to blame for what happened.

Investigators say the driver of a truck loaded with items that included the chemicals has indicated it was not his fault.

"He was traveling westbound on Interstate 480 when a car swerved in front of him causing him to brake suddenly and he said he felt his load shifting and at that point he pulled to the side of the road to check his load," said Sgt. Christopher Brock.

When he slammed on the brakes it caused the load in the truck to shift forward, breaking open a container of aluminum chloride, a chemical commonly used in deodorants.

The highway was shut down for hours and traffic had to be re-routed as hazmat crews contained the spill and assisted in the clean-up.

So, who is to blame? Investigators are trying to find out if it's the truck driver or the driver of the car.

We asked, "How do you view a driver if they cause someone else to have an accident by the way they're driving?" Sgt. Brock said, "That's a great question. They're expected to stop as if they were involved in a physical accident. If they caused an accident, they're part of that accident and they're expected to stop and render first aid as necessary and exchange information with the other driver."

Investigators are also looking for anyone who may have seen what happened on the highway. Those witnesses are asked to call the highway patrol.

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