Someone is shooting out windows of cars in Elyria

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ELYRIA, Ohio-- Police in Elyria are trying to find the person or people responsible for shooting out the windows of a dozen cars in the city early Thursday morning.

"I thought it was just a random act that mine were shot out and he said no, they were actually leaving my house to go to a couple of other houses to do reports on their windows," said Lana Altomare, who lives on Stanford Avenue.

Thursday afternoon, Dan and Lana Altomare discovered that the rear driver's side windows of their SUV had been shot out.

Elyria police say they are one of at least 12 residents who had their vehicle windows shot out by what appears to be a pellet gun.

"Regardless who they are or what they're carrying, they're driving by with a gun sticking out of a window, even if they're on bikes, regardless of what time it is, somebody could be looking out their window or sitting on their porch. They're not gonna see a child holding a gun; they're gonna see somebody pointing a gun at their house and they're gonna fire back," said Altomare.

Elyria police say they believe all of the vandalism, mainly on the east side of the city, happened in the early morning hours Thursday.

"It is very aggravating. That window on the side of that truck is probably a couple hundred dollar window," said Dan Altomare.

Elyria police say they have not made an arrest, but the Altomares wonder if it is a kid that lives in their neighborhood.

"His parents would never be able to afford that, never...not even one car, let alone 15 cars," said Altomare.

The family now says they not only have to deal with the cost of replacing the windows, but the inconvenience that it causes.

"I didn't drive my car to work last night because we didn't do such a good job in taping up windows. We have stores to go to, things to do:  picking up kids, picking up grandchildren. We can't put kids in that car now; there's glass all over it," said Lana Altomare.

Anyone with information about the vandalism is asked to call Elyria police.

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