Jail video helps convict corrections officer

CLEVELAND -- The FOX 8 I-TEAM has obtained video from inside the Cuyahoga County jail that helped convict a corrections officer for dereliction of duty.

Aaron Hunter pleaded guilty for what happened late last year.

The video shows Hunter with an inmate at his cell after investigators say the inmate had been beaten up by gang members. Detectives found Hunter didn’t get the inmate medical attention.

They also found Hunter hid the inmate’s religious headwear at a guard station, and they say the inmate had to give Hunter snacks in order to get back his headwear.

Days later video shows the inmate walked out of his cell with his red kufi.

Hunter pleaded guilty on the day of his first court appearance facing the criminal charge. He received a sentence of three days in jail and probation.

The county says Hunter resigned before any discipline was handed out internally.