‘Turn around, don’t drown’: Streetsboro police deal with cars stuck in flood waters

STREETSBORO, Ohio-- The Streetsboro Police Department is reminding drivers to turn around at high water.

The department shared several photos and videos showing cars stuck in the flood waters on state Route 303 Monday morning.

No only will driving around a barricade result in a $150 traffic ticket, towing fees and and damage to the car, it can be dangerous.

"There are hidden dangers to high water areas - floating logs can cause damage to your car and pavement can wash out causing a car to sink," Streetsboro police said.

Police said there were no injuries on Monday. But officers and firefighters were tied up dealing with the flooded vehicles so they were unavailable for other emergencies.

The Streetsboro Police Department said 6 inches of fast-moving water can knock a person down, 1 foot of water can carry away a small car and 2 feet of water can carry away more cars.

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