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‘Started shooting at us,’ Cleveland police officer tells dispatch

CLEVELAND – A grandmother’s hands shake Monday , as she points out the more than two dozen bullet holes in the siding of her Decker Avenue home,

The house was shot Saturday night.

“My grandchildren were with me that night and they were right inside,” the woman said. She asked not to be identified since the suspects have not yet been caught. “They could have killed all of us. Little kids killed for nothing.”

She said as soon as it happened, she called 911. She said police arrived quickly.

Police were speaking to her and other family members outside when the suspect’s van drove by and opened fire.

“Shots fired,” an officer can be heard telling a dispatcher. “Started shooting at us, well aware police out here, about eight shots.”

The officers and others took over and the suspects fled.

No one was injured.

The president of the police union says detectives are working long hours to find the suspects.

“They are going to find them,” said Jeff Follmer, police union president. “They are going to find that van. These guys need to be caught. They are that bold that they would shoot at officers, they need to be off the street.”

A spokeswoman for the police department said the chief was not giving interviews on the matter.

Anyone with any information on the case is asked to call Cleveland Police 3rd District Detectives or Crime Stoppers of Cuyahoga County at 216-252-7463.