Rain, wind send 100-foot tree into Cleveland home

CLEVELAND, Ohio - Excessive rain and gusting winds wreaked havoc on several mature trees in the area, and toppled one onto a house in Cleveland’s West Park neighborhood around 1:15 pm Monday afternoon.

The massive 100-foot White Oak tree fell from the backyard at 16617 Melgrave Ave onto the next door neighbor's home just east of it.

The owners, who asked not to be identified, said the huge branches smashed through their roof and into a second floor office, causing significant damage. Fortunately no one was hurt.

Neighbors were surprised and said the wind wasn’t even blowing hard at the time.

They were also concerned that a second tree on the property might also come down in the opposite direction.

“I was like 'Oh my God the other tree is going to fall on my house',” said Morgan McDaniel, who lives next door to the west. “It’s scary!”

First Energy inspected the power lines and said only the damaged house was without electricity and uninhabitable Monday night.

Tree removal experts were also called to the scene.

Jeff Spinelli with JLS Tree Services Inc. says, what happened on Melgrave could happen anywhere right now. “...With the wind and over-saturated ground they could all blow over,” said Spinelli.

Spinelli recommends getting all mature trees routinely checked and trimmed to prevent a catastrophe.