BW lacrosse teams welcomes new 6-year-old team member

BEREA, Ohio - The Baldwin Wallace men's lacrosse team has a brand new - very special - team member.

6-year-old Grayson Oglesbee of Marblehead signed his official letter of intent to become a member of the Yellow Jackets on Monday.

His new sports gig is courtesy of BW University and "Team Impact," a non-profit organization who work to improve the lives of children facing serious illnesses.

Grayson has Williams Syndrome, a developmental disorder, but he loves being part of the team! He will be attending practices, games and team dinners throughout the season.

BW head coach Trey Keeley says that the team gets as much from Grayson as he gets from them. "It is definitely a two-way street. We get to learn a lot from Grayson and I think we're trying to give back as much as we can. I think when you gie it kind of comes full circle and our guys have really benefitted and are having a great time with Grayson."