Akron council votes to raise tobacco purchase age to 21

AKRON, Ohio – Akron City Council voted on Monday to raise the age for buying tobacco from 18 to 21 years.

The legislation was sponsored by Councilwoman Linda Omobien and passed with a majority of votes.

“I’m proud that, tonight, Akron City Council joined me in choosing a healthier future for our next generation,” Mayor Dan Horrigan said. “While I respect opinions on all sides of this issue, I know this legislation puts Akron on the right side of history.”

The initiative is part of Akron’s Tobacco-21 strategy, which aims to prevent tobacco use in young people.

Akron is not alone in this movement. A number of towns in different states have increased the age for tobacco sales to 21. Nine other Ohio cities, including Cleveland and Columbus, have passed similar laws.