Video: Heavy rains churn Lake Erie up and right into lakeside towns

PORT CLINTON, Ohio - The heavy rains that were responsible for Sunday's cancellation of the Tribe game and Cavs' Fan Fest left their mark in other communities as well - in the form of flooding.

Marblehead took on lots and lots of water. The folks at Fisherman's Wharf posted these updates, complete with a water pump that is not helping, a bobbing ice machine and a store full of water. (The owner did invite folks into the store to fish there....but we think he was kidding.) They also told Fox 8 that it wasn't really so much the amount of rain that did them in - it was the high winds that really helped to flood everything.

***watch the video from Fisherman's Wharf, above***

Another set of videos show Lakeside Pier almost completely under water.

It wasn't any easier on Put-in-Bay.

Hinckley Police posted a warning about the flooding in their town.

The Fox 8 weather team reminds everyone that a LAKESHORE FLOOD WARNING will continue through Sunday afternoon for Ottawa, Sandusky and Erie Counties.

You can find the full Fox 8 forecast, here.