Cedar Point testing out new Steel Vengeance coaster

SANDUSKY, Ohio–   A couple of lucky folks tested out the newest thrill ride at Cedar Point!

With opening day just a few short weeks away,  the Director of Communication Tony Clark and Vice President Jason McClure took the new coaster for a spin!

The Mean Streak is no longer!  The massive wooden coaster shut down last September.

Since then, the coaster has undergone a huge amount of work to be turned into the new hybrid coaster.

Steel Vengeance is the tallest, fastest and longest hybrid coaster in the world, and will reach speeds of up to 74 mph.

At more than 200 feet tall, the amusement park says the new hybrid design combines a steel running track on a massive wooden structure that provides an extremely smooth and comfortable ride while enabling the coaster’s trains to perform maneuvers previously unheard of on a wooden roller coaster.

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