Arizona passes new law requiring more recess

PHOENIX, Arizona -- It's the time of day many kids dream of -- recess.

And young students in Arizona are about to get a lot more of it.

Lawmakers in that state passed a new law requiring all charter and public elementary schools to have two recess periods, Fox News reported.

According to Shape America, it makes Arizona one of just two states that requires more than one set time period of physical activity.

Only eight states require elementary schools to provide daily recess at all. Schools in Ohio are not required to have recess, Shape America reported.

Arizona state senator Sylvia Allen said increasing recess makes sense.

"After all adults get breaks at work, right?" she told Fox News. "And it's because they've learned that people need a break to get up, move around, and to be able to come back and they do better and so same with children."

"This is a no-brainer. Kids need a break," Allen said.

Research shows that increasing physical activity in children can improve their academic performance.

"There is some evidence that shows that increasing the number of minutes spent in moderate to vigorous physical activity through recess and through physical education does not impede academic performance," Hans Van Der Mars, Arizona State University Physical Education Professor, said. "In some cases it'll help students do better."

The recess law will apply to students in kindergarten through third grade this year. Fourth and fifth graders will be required to have a second recess starting next school year.

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