Euclid woman, 53, brutally raped and beaten; man charged in the attack

EUCLID, Ohio -- A woman is recovering from reconstructive surgery after she was assaulted and raped inside her home. Police have arrested and charged a man with the attack.

The 53-year-old woman had surgery Tuesday at the Cleveland Clinic and is expected to recover, but her family says she has a long road ahead.

Meanwhile, a 52-year-old man is behind bars charged with various felonies, including several counts of rape.

"My neighbor says she's been raped ... she's been laying there all night," said the woman’s neighbor during a call to 911.

Thursday, March 29, at 10:00 a.m., a Euclid man calls police when he discovered his neighbor had been raped. He said he heard her screaming and banging on the floor to get attention.

"She was asleep and somebody broke into her house and beat her and raped her nearly to death.  She was left for dead; her neighbors thankfully found her," said the woman’s daughter, who did not want to be identified.

Because she is a rape victim, Fox 8 is not naming the woman who was attacked.

"Her face is pretty much smashed in ... it's very swollen.  She can't see out of her eyes, they're all black, her eye sockets are broke, her cheekbones are broke, her nose is broken," explained the daughter.

Euclid police arrested 52-year-old Archie Leak. He is charged with several counts of rape, kidnapping, felonious assault, aggravated burglary and robbery among other charges. The victim works at a Euclid bakery and coworkers say the man who attacked her did odd jobs at a convenience store in the same area.

"She was supposed to come to work that day. I had an officer come in here and say that she wasn't gonna be here because she was brutally attacked," said coworker Terri Domanick.

"She's one of the ones that least deserves what happened to her," said coworker Nancy Heffernan.

The woman's daughter says she typically walks to and from work and believes Leak may have followed her home.

"The man, or monster as I call him to do this to her, went out her front door and left it open, so her neighbor was able to get in," said the daughter.

The victim's daughter says her mother's biggest fear is that she would be blind. But she says doctors say she will regain her sight and will not require more surgeries.

"The one word to describe her, she's very selfless, she does everything for everybody besides herself," said the daughter.

Court records show that Archie Leak has an extensive criminal history dating back to 1989 for aggravated burglary, theft and drug possession.

He is due in court on the new charges on Thursday.

Although Fox 8 generally does not identify rape victims, the woman’s family has asked that we post a link to a GoFundMe page that has been set up to help the family with the victim’s extensive medical bills.