Akron Police investigate possible overdose deaths of three women

AKRON – Akron Police are investigating after they found three young women dead in a home on Sycamore Street Saturday evening of suspected drug overdoses.

“I was surprised too because everybody it seemed like they were quiet, you know, they were young kids,” said John Wedlake who lives across the street from the home where the women lived.

Akron Police found the three women, ages 20, 20 and 21 around 7:40pm after receiving a call for a welfare check. When no one answered the door police looked in the windows and saw a woman lying on the floor inside the home. Three were dead when EMS arrived on scene.

“You wouldn’t have thought that at all. It was a real shock and then it all unfolded in front of us and it was like, wow, this is really how it happens, this is really going on,” Wedlake said.

According to the medical examiner’s office they are not able to say conclusively that the women overdosed or from what drug. It could take weeks to get the toxicology reports.

“I think we need to be about action,” said Chris Carter who is the Admissions Coordinator of Arrow Passage Recovery in Massillon.

Carter himself was a drug addict and used heroin, ecstasy and cocaine. He also was a drug dealer. He has been sober since 2011 and is now married and a father.

Carter says he was shocked to hear about this most recent deadly overdose. “Three found in the same residence just really kind of shocked me and my heart really goes out to the parents. I can’t even imagine what they’re going through,” Carter said.

According to Carter, there needs to be less stigma for users trying to get clean and more education for young people before they begin using. He calls for more frequent education and an emphasis on the dangers of drugs.

He also says the community needs to work together on what has become a society problem, before more lives are lost.

“I think we need to be about action, I think as a community we need to stand together and we need to do this on a daily basis not just when we feel that someone passes away because it just doesn’t stop when someone passes away, it could be your child next,” Carter said.