I-Team: Video shows what it took to find shooting suspect in downtown Cleveland

CLEVELAND --  The FOX 8 I-Team has obtained exclusive video of a frantic search for a gunman in and around busy Tower City in downtown Cleveland late last year.

The video has just been released to the I-Team. A suspect has been indicted, and he is sitting in jail facing charges.

It all began with a fight just outside Tower City and a man shot in the leg.

The gunman took off, and the video shows police swarming the shopping complex. It also shows, what witnesses say, may or may not be accurate.

Witnesses told police the bad guy had on a red coat. Officers in Tower City stopped a man with a red and white hoodie. Then a witness outside hesitated trying to recall the description. Turned out, the first man questioned was not the suspect.

Ultimately, an officer then reviewed security video and determined the gunman had on a black coat with the word MADISON on the back.

Police spotted that man outside, near the Q. As they took him into custody, he asked police, “What’d I do?” The video also shows he denied he had a weapon. But a report shows police found a gun on him. They identified him as Emanuel Womack.

The I-Team did some digging. We found Emanuel Womack had been back on your streets only for a matter of months before the shooting. He had gone to prison in connection with a gun charge. In fact, his record shows a growing list of cases for guns, drugs and even robbery.

In this case, Womack has been indicted on a series of charges including felony assault and carrying a concealed weapon. He is pleading not guilty.