Rocky River police respond to incidents involving wild turkeys

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ROCKY RIVER, Ohio -- Some recent incidents involving wild turkeys in Rocky River have created quite a stir.

Police say back on March 20th there were two separate incidents involving wild turkeys.

The first incident happened around 7:30 a.m. when a turkey was in the middle of Lake Road. Police say the caller reported the bird was "creating havoc." Police say the turkey was moved off the roadway and no one was hurt.

The second incident happened later that morning just after 10. A person reported a wild turkey was upsetting customers in the parking lot of a Heinen's on Detroit Road, according to police. The turkey was found in a grassy area and was not bothering anyone.

Officers were not able to figure out if it was the same turkey in both incidents.

But Rocky River resident, Michael Craig, says wild turkeys are not strangers on Edgewood Drive. He has caught them on video.

He says they used to come around his home all the time, but there were then claims they were becoming aggressive and state wildlife officials had to euthanize two males.

He says everyone around loved them. "Oh yeah I loved seeing them, so did a lot of people around here. I mean, they didn't bother nobody. I watched them go at the mailman, walk behind him. He'd turn around and when it was winter time he'd start throwing at them and stuff like that. He'd try to pepper spray him. I mean, maybe that's why they didn't like him," Craig said.

Craig says there are still 5 female turkeys.

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