Poll: Ohioans support later, more unified school start

CLEVELAND– A poll by the Ohio Travel Association found that a majority of Ohio voters support a later and more unified start to the school year.

The results show 59 percent would want to school start after Labor Day and 12 percent would like it to start in the fourth week of August.

Participants cited more time with family and hot temperatures in classrooms as the main reasons.

“What was most remarkable about this survey is that this support cuts across partisan, geographic and demographic lines,” said Neil Newhouse of Public Opinion Strategies. “It’s rare to have an issue with such overwhelming and broad support.”

The poll also found that a majority of parents and teachers have never been asked by local school boards when they would like the year to begin.

The Ohio Travel Association’s survey was in response to Senate Bill 34, which was proposed by Ohio Sen. Gayle Manning. It would make starting school after Labor Day the default, unless school boards held public meetings.