Video showing Utah trooper hit from behind is important reminder for drivers to slow down

SARDINE CANYON, Utah -- The Utah Department of Public Safety released video which shows a Utah Highway Patrol trooper being struck from behind by a vehicle on Sunday.

DPS says Sgt. Cade Brenchley was responding to multiple slide-offs on snow-covered roads in Sardine Canyon when he was hit by a vehicle driving on the highway.

Sgt. Brenchley suffered broken ribs and a broken scapula.

The Utah Department of Public Safety said Brenchley was the 11th trooper hit on Utah roads this year.

During a press conference Tuesday, Sgt. Brenchley pleaded with drivers to slow down.

The 13-year Utah Highway Patrol veteran said, "I woke up and I saw snow and I was laying there and knocked the wind out of me. I was gasping for breath. I was right up against the car and I remember thinking to myself, 'I've been hit.'"

DPS says it is thankful to the many people who came to Sgt. Brenchley's aid after he was struck.