Kevin Love leaves Cavs game after taking elbow to face

MIAMI – Cavs center Kevin Love took an elbow to his face Tuesday night in Miami.

It came at the very start of the Cavs-Heat game. Love went down under the basket and could be seen grabbing his face. He left the game for a while after pointing to his mouth as he exited.

The team reported that he had suffered a sublux to a tooth, which means the tooth had been loosened, but not knocked out.

He did return to the game, but after a re-evaluation at halftime, he did not return.

Love had just returned to play on March 19, after sitting out since January 30, when he suffered a non-displaced fracture in his left hand 5th metacarpal. He underwent a non-surgical treatment and rehabilitation process to repair the injury.

At halftime, the Cavs trailed the Heat, 54-34.

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