Package thrown from delivery truck caught on video

BAINBRIDGE TOWNSHIP, Ohio-- A home surveillance camera was rolling when a driver for Amazon pitches the package onto the ground.

Tim Lastoria runs his own IT business out of his Geauga County home. On Sunday, he wondered by a driver delivering a box containing two Apple TV devices did not put the parcel on his front porch as he asked. When he checked the surveillance video, he found the answer.

Lastoria said the driver threw the package about 12 feet into the air and it landed on the front sidewalk.

"I mean, it's infuriating. I mean, I want something done about it. I want awareness raised because there's you know how many other of thousands of packages just in our area by that driver," Lastoria said.

He posted the video on Amazon's Facebook page and it did not take long for the retail giant to respond. The company promised a full investigation into the driver's conduct.

"We have very high standards for delivery service providers and expect every package to be handled with care. We've addressed this with the delivery service provider and are working with the customer directly to make things right," Amazon said in a statement to FOX 8 News.