Good to go bald for a great cause

CLEVELAND HEIGHTS - They smiled as they sat in the chairs, their hair falling in clumps onto the floor below.

These people - men, women, and children - all chose to become temporarily bald, in part to help raise money for those who often don't have a choice.

 "We are celebrating their courage," says Dr. Ilia Buhtoiarov, a pediatric oncologist with the Cleveland Clinic, speaking of the children who are his patients.

 Dr. Buhtoiarov was one of those who chose to have his head shaven at the "St. Baldrick's" event at the Cleveland Heights Community Center.

 Krissy Gallagher started the event in 2012, when it raised $37,000. This year, it's expected to raise close to $150,000.

 She says she was inspired to help children who are sick, and loves the fact that children who are not battling cancer choose to go bald to help raise money.

"They are giving something of themselves," she says.

The fundraiser is near and dear to those of us at FOX 8. Our own Autumn Ziemba was in attendance with her daughter to lend their support.

 Autumn and her husband, Mark, have a son, Simon, who is battling leukemia. Simon couldn't attend because his immune system won't allow him to be around large crowds.

**Read more about Simon's story, here**

 Autumn introduced us to Lynn Butler, a care coordinator at the Cleveland Clinic, who has been working with children battling cancer for over thirty years.

 Butler, too, got her head shaved in honor of her patients.

"They are some of the bravest people I've ever met," she says.

 Since 2012, the annual fundraiser has raised over $700,000 to help children battling cancer.

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