I-X Indoor Amusement Park opens today! But there are some new rules to keep the peace…

CLEVELAND, Ohio -- Spring break is about to begin for schools across Northeast Ohio, and that means it's time for the IX Indoor Amusement Park.

This year, there will be some new rules following last year's melee, which shut down the park.

large fight involving teens broke out at the event. Witnesses said they were throwing chairs and flipping tables. Three adults and two juveniles were arrested. No injuries were reported.

In an effort to prevent a repeat, a major new rule will be in place: no one under 18 will be allowed without an adult after 5 p.m. That goes for every night at the amusement park, which runs through April 15.

The indoor amusement park has a code of conduct that will also be enforced:

  • No weapons of any kind (for example, guns or knives) are allowed in the park (even by permit holders).
  • Any weapons will be confiscated, delivered and permanently surrendered to a law enforcement authority.
  • No backpacks are permitted in the park and we reserve the right to check all carry in bags, purses, etc.
  • No menacing or any other inappropriate behavior will be tolerated in the park.
  • No loitering, blocking storefronts/exhibits, running or walking groups that inconvenience others.
  • No food or beverages purchased elsewhere are permitted in the park.
  • No profanity, obscene gestures, obscene statements or pictures, offensive statements or pictures, or pictures of illegal substances.
  • No picketing, distribution of handbills, soliciting, or petitioning without written approval from park management.

More information on the I-X Indoor Amusement Park can be found here