Video shows how police find accused robbers after suspects leave trail without knowing it: I-Team

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CLEVELAND- The FOX 8 I-Team has obtained exclusive video showing how police hunted down suspects in a violent robbery after the store put a tracking device in with the money.

Armed robbers with masks held up a Family Dollar on Broadway in Cleveland. Video shows officers investigating, and workers said the crooks took the money drawer and a tracker with it. In other words, a transmitter with the cash showing where it is..

Police scrambled after the trail. They found some money thrown out during the getaway, and a report shows they found two suspects. Both suspects were juveniles.

Oddly, after investigating, police didn’t believe they had enough evidence to tie the teens to this case. But, detectives did tie both suspects to other robberies.

Since then, one teen has been sent to a juvenile prison. Cuyahoga County prosecutors have indicted the other teen as an adult. He still faces felony charges in multiple cases.

This crime happened last year, and now the video has been released to the I-Team. It led us to investigate how often businesses use tracking devices to help stop robbers.

We checked with the FBI and a national retail trade group. Some banks and stores use the trackers. Others don’t. Some don’t do it out of concern crooks might notice the tracker and go back to the store and turn violent. And often, we’re told, crooks get much less money when they rob stores than when they rob banks.

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