Crews continue to cut down Lakewood’s Moses Cleaveland tree

LAKEWOOD, Ohio – The oldest tree in Lakewood, and one of the top 20 oldest trees in the State of Ohio, is set to be cut down today.

By the city’s best estimation, the White Oak Moses Cleaveland Tree on Summit Avenue in Lakewood is approximately 250 years old.

While the tree has a long and storied history and is known by almost everyone in Lakewood, it’s dying, and arborists call it a liability.

(Photo: Roc Woodrum/FOX 8 News)

The tree is 90 feet tall and has a diameter of 75 inches. At the most recent measurement in December 2017, the decay cavity in the tree was 6’38’’ deep and the trees largest branches are being held up with cables.

The city plans to take the biggest part of the tree’s trunk as possible and use it to map out a history of Lakewood. They also want to preserve parts of the trunk in a place so that the public can still see it.