VIP in the house: Nick Gilbert at the Cavs-Raptors game

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CLEVELAND – Nick Gilbert, son of Cleveland Cavaliers owner Dan Gilbert, was at the game Wednesday night as the Cavs took on the Toronto Raptors.

What’s so unusual about that?

Well, Nick had major brain surgery in February. He went home from the hospital on March 14, and there he was sitting with his dad at the Cavs-Raptors game on March 21.

We shouldn’t be surprised at his speedy return to a Cavs game though. His dad reported that after the brain surgery, Nick’s first question was, “Did the Cavs beat OKC?” (For the record, they sure did beat the Thunder!) Nick certainly has his priorities in order.

The crowd at the game approved too, giving him an ovation!

Nick, 21, was born with neurofibromatosis, a genetic disorder that causes tumors to form on nerve tissue. The tumors are usually noncancerous. He rose to fame during the 2011 NBA Draft Lottery.  He was the Cavs’ representative and good luck charm, sporting  his thick-rimmed glasses and now-famous bow tie. That night, when he was asked about his dad calling him a hero after battling all his health issues, Nick answered with, “What’s not to like?” which pretty much took off as his catchphrase.

What’s not to like about seeing Nick at the Cavs game? Nothing!! Welcome back Nick!

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