New joint venture puts Rock & Roll in Cleveland libraries

CLEVELAND, OH -Engaging, teaching and inspiring all through the power of music.

The Rock & Roll Hall of Fame is continuing its mission by offering an innovative program for toddlers, students and families who make visiting the Cleveland Public Library part of their everyday lives.

Jason Hanley is the Vice President of Education and Visitor Engagement and says, "And what we're doing is taking some of the great educational programming and entertainment we do here at the museum every day and bringing it to the main branch of the library."

The Rock X CPL campaign will kick off at the library’s main branch March 24th as part of the induction ceremony celebrations next month.

It will include live performances and educational activities to support many who may not have the proper resources to succeed.

As a long-time supporter of educational programs at the rock hall, PNC Bank did not hesitate to get involved with this new partnership.

Kristen Baird Adams, PNC chief operating officer in the Office of Regional Presidents, said, "We do pre- and post-testing for our program participants and their letter recognition, their word recognition. Their numeracy skills are vastly improved through their participation in the program."

The Rock Hall has been heavily involved with students since 1995.

The Rockin’ The Schools Program, which uses the history of rock to generate excitement in curriculum, has reached more than 300,000 students.

They says they know they can’t bring everybody here into the museum, but by training librarians in all CPL’s 28-branches, they’re hoping to deliver inspiring curriculum that will hopefully change lives.

Hanley said, "It's gonna allow them to then take a program like our Fight the Power, that teaches about social justice, the 1960's and connect up to present day and do that in these branch locations throughout the year."