Lakewood police officers honored for helping woman hurt escaping fire

LAKEWOOD, Ohio – A pair of Lakewood police officers have been honored for helping a woman seriously hurt while escaping an apartment building fire this month.

Chief Timothy Malley awarded Officer Ryan Summerville and Officer Bryan McNeeley the department’s Life Saving Award last week.

The officers were among the first on the scene of the early morning fire on Arliss Drive on March 5, when they encountered a woman who suffered deep cuts to her arms after breaking a window in her attempt to get out of the building with her two children. She was bleeding heavily.

Body camera video showed Summerville quickly applying a tourniquet to one arm while McNeeley used his hand to apply pressure to her other arm before paramedics arrived.

“It was really a minute-by-minute kind of situation,” Malley said. “If she had lost more blood at the scene, it could've been a very different outcome.”

Malley said the woman suffered lacerated arteries but is expected to be ok.

“If they'd have taken more time or the response wasn't as quick as it was, the lady had a very real chance of losing her life there at the scene,” Malley said. “You don't know from call to call what's going to happen so you have to be ready. You have to be ready to do the right thing, and that's what they did.”

While all Lakewood Police cruisers are currently equipped with first aid kits that include a tourniquet, Malley said the department is planning to provide tourniquets that each officer can carry with them always.