Two CCW permit holders stop teen who was trying to steal car

CLEVELAND – The Fox 8 I-Team has found a teen is facing charges after he was busted with the help of two citizen crime fighters.

“I put my gun on him and said you better show me them hands,” Thomas Spiros of Cleveland says, as he explains what he did moments after finding a 17-year-old male attempting to steal his car.

Spiros had stopped at the A-T-M on West 25th and Clark Monday afternoon. Shortly after he got out of his car, he heard a door slam.

“I turned around and there he was sitting in the driver’s side trying to take it,” Spiros said. “I had my flashers on but the car was off. I had the keys with me but I think he thought it was a crime of opportunity and he could get in and drive off. “

Spiros opened the passenger side door, and with his gun in hand he ordered the suspect to get out of the car.

Another CCW permit holder witnessed the incident, and jumped out of his car to help.

“I was on the phone talking to my friend and saw some of what was going on,” said Elliott Guttierrez. “I got out and went over to help.”

Guttierrez held the teen at gun point while Spiros called 911.

“The suspect kept asking us to just let him go,” Spiros said. “But I didn’t want him to go and do this to someone else.”

Both men said the suspect kept putting his hands in his pockets, and they didn’t know if he had a weapon.

Both permit holders said they were in fear.

Cleveland Police arrested the teen. He was charged and later released to his mother. He is due in court soon.

“You have to be on guard all the time,” Spiros said. “I am very thankful Elliott was there to help me.”