Teen describes terrifying attempted abduction, then brave escape

CLEVELAND -- Cleveland police are investigating a  terrifying attempted abduction of a John Hay Early College High School student.

Around 8 a.m. Tuesday, 15-year-old Amirah Wilson was walking on East 81st Street to catch the RTA Healthline, only a block away on Euclid Ave., when she noticed  the “scruffy” looking man.

“He seemed off like something was wrong,” said Amirah.

The bright teen usually walks with her brothers, but was unable to that day.
She tried to avoid the man, but says he quickly attacked and grabbed her by the neck.

“The first thing that came to my mind is, 'either I’m going to let him take me, or I get to go back home to see my mom,'” said Amirah.

The man began dragging the teenager toward the back of a home, which is partially hidden by a fence.

Amirah’s mother, Talibah Ahmad, had always encouraged her daughter to fight back and that’s exactly what she did.

Amirah kicked the man as hard as she could in the groin and then ran back to their apartment building.

Both mom and daughter say, “by the grace of God,” a side door that is normally locked happened to be open.

Amirah ran inside and slammed the door just in time, as the man ran up to the building.

Her mother called 911 and police began searching for the suspect who had a scruffy salt and pepper beard and was wearing a dark hoodie and jeans.

The entire family is still traumatized but speaking out to warn other parents and children to be extra careful.

“Talk to your children,” said Talibah. “Let them know to protect themselves ... you never let nobody take you ... and pray  because anything could’ve happened.”