Willoughby-Eastlake parents to school board: we want more communication

EASTLAKE, Ohio - An emotional plea from a parent to the Willoughby Eastlake School board Monday night.

“There are children in our district who are afraid to leave the classroom, the building, when a fire alarm goes off,” said Stacey McGuigan.

Stacey McGuigan is a mother of two and felt the district could have done more to inform parents during recent threats against Willoughby South high school.

The threats were made less than a week after the school shooting in Parkland, Florida.

“To get an email at 6:00 am that there has been a threat to one of the schools in the district and not know which building was terrifying,” said McGuigan.

Eastlake Police Chief Larry Reik was on hand to assure people that there is constant communication between police and the administration.

Chief Reik also asked people to be vigilant on social media.

“Sometimes people post something on a string of posts and they feel like they reported it, when in actuality no one may have seen it,” said Chief Reik.

The school board is promising to meet with parents to review the procedures in place.