Cleveland officials announce discipline for officers in two separate cases

CLEVELAND -- Cleveland city hall Monday announced discipline for officers in two different cases, including the case of Tanisha Anderson, a woman who died in police custody.

The second case involved sex crime cases that were not investigated, a story which the Fox 8 I-Team broke last month. In that case, three officers were disciplined, officials announced Monday.

A special grand jury last month chose not to indict the two Cleveland police officers in the death of Anderson. Monday, authorities announced that two officers were disciplined in that case. One was given a 10-day suspension, and the other was given a written reprimand.

The 37-year-old woman died in police custody in November 2014. Police responded to Anderson’s home after her family called for paramedics.

According to a memorandum released by the Ohio Attorney General’s Office, “no bill” notifications were filed with the clerk of courts office.

“The Attorney General’s Office Specials Prosecutors conducted a professional and through review of all evidence that was legally permissible to view and obtained an outside medical expert to render a critical opinion of cause and manner of death,” the memo stated.

“As with any grand jury decision, such a decision is made with an eye towards criminal liability and should not be interpreted as an endorsement, rejection, approval, or disapproval of actions or inactions by any person. The death of Tanisha Anderson is tragic.”

According to the memo released, the medical expert said Anderson died of heart issues.

He ruled “it would appear no significant chest compromise was occurring and the sudden collapse is more consistent with a cardiac event.”

The city paid more than $2 million to settle a civil lawsuit with Anderson’s family last year.

Family members of Tanisha Anderson have told the Fox 8 I-Team on numerous occasions that they wanted the officers to face criminal charges.

The city police union has maintained the officers acted properly.

At least one officer involved has been going through refresher training to go back on patrol , he had  been assigned to restricted duty while the case was under investigation.