Lounging in style! Viral video shows shelter dogs enjoying their own recliners as they wait for new homes

KNOX COUNTY, Ill. — Shelter animals need a lot of attention as they wait for a place to call home.

One shelter in Illinois is going above and beyond to make sure their animals are feeling the love.

The Knox County Humane Society No-Kill Shelter collects old lounge chairs specifically for its homeless dogs and cats, so they feel comfortable while they wait to meet their forever owners.

The shelter posted a video of its pets lounging on the chairs, and it’s since gone viral with millions of view. Donations have been rolling in from all over the country.

**To watch that video, click here** 

WHBF reports that it all started with Buster Brown, a dog who loved to hang out with the workers at the shelter’s front desk.

“We have Buster Brown behind the desk and he kept sitting in our chairs with us and there wasn’t room.  We really thought the chair was too big behind the desk but he’s loved it,” said the shelter’s director, Erin Buckmaster. “So we thought it would be a good idea if they all got a chair. They love it. Like Mickey’s been here the longest, so we put him in his chair and he’s so much more relaxed.”

The chairs may get ripped or ruined, but they’ll be replaced with others.

“A home environment, or a little comfort,” said volunteer Sharron Ervin. “So many abused, so many homeless, so many strays, I mean there’s so many dogs in need.”

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