Ashtabula County community continues to rebuild four months after tornado

WILLIAMSFILED, Ohio-– While many in Ohio are shoveling more snow, one local town is still rebuilding from severe weather months ago.

“We haven’t been in our home for four months,” said John Sisley, of Williamsfield, as he walks through his now vacant home, talking to workers making repairs.

Sisley and his family have lived in their home on Route 322 for 21 years. He and about two dozen others living on the street had their homes either destroyed or severally damaged when an EF-2 tornado touched down Nov. 5.

“We are lucky. We were able to get a rental and we are hoping to get back in our home in about three more weeks,” Sisley said.

Others on the street, including Sisley’s son, have to completely rebuild their homes. Many are hoping to begin rebuilding next month.

Sisley said power has been restored, debris cleaned up and the area is beginning to look like it did before the ferocious winds caused severe damage.

“Now, I just want to live my life normal again,” Sisley said.

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