What happened before group chased stolen car, put teens in trunk

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GARFIELD HEIGHTS, Ohio-- Videos shows what happened just before police say adults took the law into their own hands by chasing a stolen car, firing shots and putting teens into the trunk of a car to haul them to a police station.

The chain of events began Sunday when Sheila Beale told Garfield Height police her 2013 Chrysler 200 had been stolen. She told them the car had a GPS tracking system, so she could tell officers where to find it.

But police said the car sped off from them and they didn’t chase it.

The video shows Beale quickly became disgusted with police. She told a Garfield Heights officer, “So there's nothing you can do, right now? You can take the report, but I'm gonna go get my car. I need my car."

The officer tried to “advise” Beale against going after her car since there were multiple people in it and they could be armed. But a man with Beale said, “I don't worry about that. Y'all the police. Y'all should've went to get the car."

On Tuesday morning, Beale, George Barnes, and Kenyatta Ware all faced felony charges in a Cleveland courtroom for what police say happened next.

A police report shows they found the car, chased it, fired shots at it, found two 14-year-old boys with it, beat the boys, ordered them into a trunk and drove them to Cleveland police.

At that point though, the adults got arrested, not the kids.

"Sticking people in a trunk. To allow that would turn this city into a chaotic mess, judge," a prosecutor said in court on Tuesday.

All three adults are pleading not guilty. They’ve demanded a hearing on the evidence. However, the case will likely go to a grand jury before then.

Investigators in Garfield Heights are still looking into whether the teens caught with that car are the thieves to blame for stealing it. Police are also investigating whether those teens have been involved in other crimes.

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