Stark County Humane Society searching for dog apparently stolen from shelter

LOUISVILLE, Ohio - The Stark County Humane Society wants to find one of their dogs who may have been stolen from their shelter on February 27.

Donavan is a Pit-Terrier mix with three legs. One of his front legs was amputated after a car accident several years ago.

Jackie Godbey, director of the Humane Society, tells Fox 8 that a couple came in to volunteer to walk some dogs. The male then walked Donavan to his vehicle, an older, orange SUV. The  female took Donavan's profile down and stuffed it in her pants. Workers at the shelter thought  that Donavan had been adopted after the profile was taken down. When it was realized that Donavan hadn't been adopted, the Stark County sheriff's office was called in.

Staffers at the shelter are very concerned about the pup and no one can come up with a reason as to why he was taken in this way.

Anyone with information about the couple in the pictures or about Donavan's location is being asked to call the shelter at 330-453-5529 or Deputy Hewitt with the Stark County Sheriff's Office at 330-430-3800.