Researchers in Arkansas develop blood test to detect cancer at early stage

LITTLE ROCK, Ark. — Cancer researchers in Arkansas have developed a blood test they say can help detect cancer at an early stage.

KHTV reports that scientists at Stage 1 Diagnostics developed the test, which they say will be simple and cost-effective.

“My goal is to make cancer detection more possible,” Dr. Blake Johnson told KHTV.  “It’s very treatable, it’s very manageable, if its caught early enough. Not only is this test going to allow people early detection, but it will also allow them a better insight into the makeup of the tumor and potential for the tumor to become metastatic which is the most lethal form of cancer.”

Johnson says the test will indicate Hepsin levels, which is a protein produced by tumor cells. The test involves a simple blood draw.

Baptist Health Medical Center in Little Rock is the first hospital to offer the test to patients.

“We’ve seen it work in lots of tumor types but prostate cancer, endometrial cancer, breast, ovarian, those are the main ones that have been looked at,” said Dr. Brent Staggs, a pathologist at Baptist Health.

The test costs patients about $99.

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