I-Team: adults arrested for street justice gone too far

CLEVELAND - The FOX 8 I TEAM has found 3 adults facing charges accusing them of putting 14 year old kids in a trunk and hauling them to a police station after finding them in a stolen car.

A report shows the street justice was carried out Sunday afternoon on Cleveland’s southeast side. The report shows a car had been stolen with keys in it in Garfield Heights, and the car has a locating device. Three adults chased that stolen car in Cleveland. The car crashed twice. And the kids say they then ended up in the trunk.

The teens told police some guys rolled up. They pulled a gun and said, ‘You stole the wrong car...’ They said the men punched them and stomped them. Finally, ordered them into the trunk. Next thing they knew they had been taken to Cleveland Police Fourth District Police headquarters.

But at the police station, the teens didn’t go to jail. The adults did. Arrested for felony assault and kidnapping. Now charges have been filed against Sheila Beale, Kenyatta Ware, and George Barnes.

A witness and the teens say the citizens out for justice even fired shots as they chased that car.

The mother of one of the teens locked in the trunk told the I TEAM, “He was put in a car and beat.” She added, "He said he was in an accident. I guess he was out doing something he had no business doing anyway. and some grown up beat him, put him in the trunk, and took him to the police station."

One witness told us, “I was actually standing in the window.

And I heard gunshots.” She added, "To hear this type of stuff, and it's right in front of you, and it happens like that, quick, it was just so scary. 'Cause I didn't know how to react."

One teen suffered minor injuries. The other remained in the hospital recovering on Monday.

The mother we spoke with reacted to the street justice as you might imagine, saying, "No I don't agree with it.' She also had no interest in discussing how her 14 year old son ever even got mixed up in something like this. She said, "That's it I think I told you enough."