Ashland County families heartbroken after 4-year-old allegedly shot by brother

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HAYESVILLE, Ohio —Families in an Ashland County village are in disbelief after authorities there say a young boy just 8-years-old allegedly shot his sister, 4, over the weekend.

The Fox 8 I-Team has learned the children’s mother is currently behind bars as they are still investigating what happened at the family home. Authorities said the father of the children was at work at the time of the shooting Saturday afternoon.

On Sunday evening, parents in the community explained the incident has really hit close to home, and wonder how could something like this happen?

“It just hurts my heart, it’s really sad,” said Angie Budd, a mom to young boys.

Though the family in question has not been identified, neighbors tell Fox 8 they believe the 8-year-old brother attends Hillsdale Elementary School in town.

“Just trying to explain to them [our kids] that situation, it’s not really easy, it’s heartbreaking,” said Elizabeth Miller.

The four-year-old girl is at a Cleveland hospital and is expected to be ok.