Nearly 1,300 still without power Saturday evening

CLEVELAND – Power crews from across the state were scattered across Northeast Ohio Saturday as they work to try to restore power to thousands after Thursday night’s storm.

“You can’t stay in your home anymore and you can’t use alternate heat, you know, the stoves aren’t safe and space heaters don’t work,” said David Zarzour who was checking on his tenants and property on the West side of Cleveland Saturday morning.

First Energy brought in extra crews from Toledo and Cincinnati to help speed up the restoration process.

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“We have hundreds of people here just in the Cleveland area helping out with the outages,” said Mark Durbin, First Energy Spokesperson.

The wind, rain and snow took down trees and power lines in several counties on Thursday night leaving nearly 80,000 customers without power or heat.

“This storm front that came through it hit Ohio and Pennsylvania and Maryland - the entire east coast as a matter of fact,” said Durbin.

By early Saturday evening there were just under 3,000 people waiting for their power to be restored.

“We have nothing to do I went to Burger King and the library just to charge my stuff,” said 13-year-old Joshua Abdalah whose neighborhood is without power.

First Energy is asking for patience and says they expect everyone to have their power back by Sunday night.

“When the weather gets bad most people go inside well our guys, they’re the ones going outside to make the repairs because they know that their friends, neighbors, communities are depending on them to get the power back on,” Durbin said.

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