New approach at Summa Health Breast Cancer Clinic helping patients heal

​​AKRON - It's a new approach to your health that could soon be the future of treating breast cancer.

This year in Ohio alone more than an estimated 10,600 women will be diagnosed with Breast Cancer according to the American Cancer Society, 1,700 patients statewide are estimated to succumb to the disease. It's why doctors at Summa Health created the Breast Multidisciplinary Clinic.

Summa Health doctors say they are the first in the Akron area to offer patients the option of meeting with their entire team of doctors in one day. The clinic focuses on patient specific care, letting them become active participants in cancer treatment decision making.

"We really redesigned the care delivery model and we created a once a week clinic, where if you have a positive biopsy or positive finding, you get to meet your entire team in one day," explained Dr. Gil Padula, System Medical Director at Summa Health Cancer Institute.

One patient who recently beat breast cancer, says the clinic was vital to her healing after being diagnosed last September.

"You feel like you're taking control back and that you can get through this and these people are going to help you get through this and you don't have to die from breast cancer," said a patient who asked to be identified as Cheryl.

​According to a Cleveland spokesperson for the American Cancer Society, 56 percent of Ohio women older than 40 had a mammogram in the last year. However that percentage falls when focused on uninsured women in the same age group and stands at 23 percent. The U.S. median for mammograms is 56 percent of all women and 27 percent of uninsured women.​