‘Very flattering:’ LeBron James talks about billboards trying to attract him to Philly

INDEPENDENCE, Ohio-- LeBron James had a big smile on his face when asked about one company's efforts to lure him to Philadelphia.

Power Home Remodeling, based in Chester, Pa., bought three billboards along Interstate 480 outside of Cleveland with lines like, "Complete The Process" and "#PhillyWantsLeBron."

James was asked if he's been on I-480 in the last few days after Cavaliers shootaround on Tuesday.

"I know all about it. There's a lot of potholes on 480, gotta be careful with the cars. Gotta be very careful, that's why I don't do much driving. I sit in the backseat," LeBron joked. He told reporters he hasn't seen the billboards.

"It's not a distraction. It's actually very flattering. I'm sitting here at 33 in my 15th year... People in their respective cities want me to play for them," he said. "That's cool, I think. That's dope."

LeBron also talked about the new Marvel movie, "Black Panther," calling it one of the greatest movies he's seen.

"So many different reasons why, at this time and place right now in this society right now, I think it was perfect timing," James said. "For me, as a kid, growing up, I never thought that I'd see a black superhero."

He also talked about the importance of the community in Black Panther's fictional country of Wakanda, coming together as one to do what's best for the common good.

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