St. Ignatius increases security after campus carjacking

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CLEVELAND – There is more security at St. Ignatius High School in Cleveland than usual.

“We did step it up a little bit since this happened, we’re very cognizant of it,” explained the high school’s Vice President of Operations and CFO, Richard Klingshirn.

A student was carjacked in the student parking lot around four in the afternoon on Thursday.

“I feel that it’s frightening nowadays for all parents to have their children thinking about what might happen to them,” said Joseph Spring who was waiting outside the school to pick up his nephew.

According to police, the student was sitting in his car, sending an email when the suspects pulled him out of the car, took his phone and drove off.

Along with increasing their campus security, the school has released security camera images of the suspects.

“The student is ok, and the student did exactly what we ask all of our students to do, which is don’t put up a fight just give them what they want and walk away,” Klingshirn said.

The school has a Cleveland police SRO, plus five security guards who patrol campus and a number of off-duty Cleveland police officers who are visible off campus and in parking lots.

“This school here is well protected inside and out, and I would have no problem worrying about my child or even my nephew being here at this school at all,” Spring said.

Even with all the regular security there’s now extra officers surrounding campus.

“We’ve stepped up patrols, we’ve increased security on campus. We’ve got a little more visibility now to our student parking lot as well as our employee parking lot,” Klingshirn explained.

The school is in a heavily trafficked area of Cleveland, the Ohio City neighborhood, so administrators often remind students to be aware.

“Don’t go solo, travel in groups, there’s strength in numbers. We talk to the kids about this. We make sure that they understand it,” Klingshirn said.

Police found the car and charged a person with receiving stolen property, but it’s unclear if that person was one of the suspects in the carjacking.

Anyone with information or who may recognize the suspects is asked to call Cleveland Police Second District Detectives at 216-623-5200.